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Why Do I Need Log Home Plans?

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Log home plans the best log home plans

Log home plans creative log home plans.

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The construction of your new home is a process not unlike any other process required to build products from automobiles to furniture. Everything we make starts with a plan and ends with a product. The better the plan the better the product.

In the construction of your new home you will come in contact with many disciplines such as developers, design and planning professionals, builders, inspectors, and all the disciplines in between such as plumbers, electricians, excavators, etc.

It is a common belief by a lot of people that by eliminating some of these essential processes that somehow money will be saved. One of the most targeted areas for people believing they will save money is the elimination of plans from the process.

In the paragraphs to follow I hope to educate and explain how a quality set of plans is not only essential to complete the process of construction, but how a quality set of professionally prepared plans will actually pay for themselves and put money in your pocket.

Most areas of the country require construction plans to obtain a building permit.
A building official’s responsibility is to ensure the safety, energy efficiency, and accessibility of the project. We demand these basic things in every automobile we purchase, so why do some people go to great lengths to avoid these same basic safeties, efficiency, and accessibility standards in our homes by not having quality professionally prepared plans?

During the construction process, simply put, quality plans pay for themselves many times over.
Material estimates are next to impossible to do from simple sketches on graph paper or napkins. Yes I have seen clients with sketches on napkins for plans! Estimating materials without any plan detail amounts to one thing, A GUESS. And you can be certain that the “guess" will not be in your favor or save you any money.

Tens of thousands of dollars are wasted in this area by not having a competently detailed set of plans, with lost dollars increasing in magnitude with the cost of the project.

Builders rely on construction plans to do their job which is assembly. Without competent log home design a builder like the estimator has to “guess” on how to assemble your home. Guessing costs YOU money.

Imagine the floor system in your new home. There are numerous ways to build a floor and the costs could range from $4,000.00 to $10,000.00. A builder without a set of plans assembles the floor at a cost to you of $10,000.00. However, a professionally prepared set of plans could have detailed a way to assemble that same floor for $4,000.00 saving you $6,000.00! Would you pay $3,000.00 for a set of plans that saves you $6,000.00? You bet you would! Now multiply those efficiencies in design throughout every component in the home!

Imagine a builder having to guess how you want your home to look and function. You either live with the builder’s interpretation of your home or you make the builder change what you don’t like through a change order. Change orders cost YOU an enormous amount of money, thousands of dollars in expense, all of which could be eliminated in the log home design process prior to construction.

There has always been a huge misconception in residential construction that because a builder can assemble a home, log home design and plans become trivial and unnecessary. Think about the individuals that assemble automobiles on an assembly line. Sure these individuals can assemble and build cars just as a builder can assemble and build homes. But imagine an automobile plant with no design team or plans to follow, where each assembler decides how to put the parts together. Would you buy that finished product? I wouldn't and neither should you because you deserve more for the money you spend.

That is why we here at J. Krentz Design strongly recommend a quality set of plans prepared by an independent professional thoroughly experienced in log home design; an independent professional free from the incumbencies and conflicts of interests that being employed by builders or lumber yards brings; an independent professional who works for you alone with your interests in mind.

We hope you consider J. Krentz Design for all
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Log home design is the creation of beautiful log homes and log cabins. The creative process first starts with an idea and a passion to produce the highest quality, most inspirational log cabin home for the respective client possible. Starting with an idea that hatched from many desires and needs we take these thoughts and start to weave together a single coherent thought that resembles the collective of the primary goals and function of the log cabin home. This process is requires ingenuity and tenacity in the craft of design and planning using the vast tools of an experienced designer. Once these individual thoughts and desires are transposed into a collective idea it is imperative to cement this idea into the traditional form of log home plans. This literary process cannot be ignored for this process is what conveys the collective idea to the craftsmen and tradesmen that are tasked with reproducing the thought. Without this important communication the thought is lost to an interpretation or the mere thought evaporates completely. J. Krentz Design

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